About ANLS Photography

ANLS Photography was founded by Andrew Lyndon-Skeggs in 2012. Prior to this, Andrew graduated from Cambridge University and spent a number of years creating and managing businesses. Early photographic work included illustrations for  books and magazines, social events, and large format images for hospitals. He is now a professional photographer with a diploma from the prestigious Spéos Institute of Photography in Paris. Clients and commissions include: Festival Paris Cinema (with Charlotte Rampling, Kylie Minogue and Vanessa Paradis), Paris Fashion Week, engagement photographs for an American couple, sporting activities for Décathlon, musical events at Paris Boogie Speakeasy and other jazz clubs, Paris to London Help for Heroes bicycle ride launched by The Duchess of Cornwall, a Rouen based theatre group, ongoing work for the Double Fond centre of conjuring in Paris (www.doublefond.com/presentation/la-troupe), a wedding in Scotland, and the House of Burlesque in London. In 2013 Andrew held an exhibition at Galerie Metanoia in Paris on The World of Paris Boogie Speakeasy, a video of which can be seen on http://youtu.be/SQ39vpkk-qk and, in 2016, published 'Images' and 'La Béndiction d'une Eglise'. Further books are in course of production. Andrew is available and eager for photographic commissions in England and France, focusing on photojournalism, reportage, people, politics, sport, theatre, entertainment, and public / private events. He will gladly travel further afield for any project of particular interest.