Gatsby at Paris Boogie Speakeasy

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Guests, including Paul Loup Sulitzer, at an evening at Paris Boogie Speakeasy, the unique and exclusive club at 256 Rue Marcadet founded and run by Yves Riquet, director of Cervin Hosiery and official historian of the Crazy Horse. The evening was a tribute to Sidney Bechet, with outstanding music played by several pianists, clarinettists, saxophonist and drummer, including Lou Lauprète (piano), Christophe Benz (piano), Mokar Nirek (piano), Annie Terramosi (clarinet), and Gabrielle Janselme (singer). Also attending were Céline Pruvost (musician and singer), and Paul Loup Sulitzer. Paris Boogie Speakeasy has been credited by L'Express as being one of the most exciting places in Paris (l'un des spots les plus amusants de Paname!). Paul Loup Sulitzer has been described as the Man With a Thousand Lives. After leaving school at the age of sixteen, he became, at the age of 21, France's youngest PDG and rapidly made his fortune, initially with key rings and then with gadgets and books. His books, at first written with Loup Durand, have sold over 45 million copies in 43 different countries, commencing with 'Money'. His success has resulted from hard work and innovative ideas, rather than financial dealings, and he has always been in-tune with the time. In 2002 he suffered a diabetic coma followed by a cerebral haemorrhage and this, combined with an expensive divorce, resulted in the loss of his fortune. Married three times, with children including daughter Olivia, and sons James-Robert and Jacques-Edouard. Sunday 19th May 2013.