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Alain Marquet at a jazz concert by the Fantastic Harlem Drivers at the Petit Journal St Michel, Paris, Saturday 19th April 2014. The Fantastic Harlem Drivers consist of pianist Lou Lauprete, clarinetist Alain Marquet, double bass player Bernard Brimeur, and vocalists Sylvia Howard and Nicolle Rochelle, accompanied by tap-dancers Jelly Germain, his son Osiris Germain and Caroline Podetti. Lou Lauprete and Alain Marquet are regulars at Paris Boogie Speakeasy, the  private Parisian jazz club founded and run by Yves Riquet. Sylvia Howard sings with the Duke Ellington orchestra and the Black Label Swingtet, each led by saxophone player Christian Bonnet. Nicolle Rochelle is an internationally known singer, dancer, and actress, the star of Jerome Savary's 'Josephine' which ran for four years in France and Europe, in which Nicolle took the lead role as Josephine Baker. The evening was also attended by Yves Riquet (Sponsor and founder of Paris Boogie Speakeasy) and Jean-Paul Amouroux introduced as the finest player of Boogie-Woogie in Europe. The Fantastic Harlem Drivers were recently recorded for a new CD at Paris Boogie Speakeasy, 256 Rue Marcadet, Paris. Saturday 19th April 2014.