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The fifteenth Journée de la Fierté Parisienne, organised by Paris Fierté. Taking place always in mid January, the day starts with a fête guingette on a péniche, on this occasion a péniche moored at Quai St Bernard. As dusk falls, the participants gather on the Pont de la Tournelle, below the statue of Sainte Geneviève, patron saint of Paris, unfurl flags and banners, light flaming torches, and march through the streets of Paris to Eglise St Etienne du Mont, preceded by a statue of Sainte Geneviève. The purpose of the march is to commemorate and honour Sainte Geneviève and to celebrate the history, traditions and identity of Paris. Saturday 18th January 2020. Photographs by Andrew Lyndon-Skeggs of ANLS Photography.