Books and Exhibitions


Images (2016):
A collection of images dating mainly from 2010 to 2015 having a humorous and humanistic quality somewhat in the style of Robert Doisneau, Elliot Erwitt and Cartier Bresson, including the quays of Paris, the Paris Techno Parade, Ladies Day at Longchamp, the 2012 French Presidential Election, le dîner en blanc, Paris Fashion week and Film Festival, plus Parisian Jazz Clubs, manifestations, and the Paris Marathon. A visual display of the diversity of modern life from violence to glamour, politics to jazz, racing to rock, all with a gentle Martin Parr like cynicism that gives spice to the visual feast.

Bénédiction de l'Eglise de Notre-Dame de Longefont (2015):
Private commission and circulation.

Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez (2018):
Covers a day in the life of Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez, one of the most important and exotic sailing regattas that started as a crazy bet between two yacht owners in 1981. From sunrise to sunset. The yachts, the preparations from dawn, the stars, life on shore, and the challenge of the sea. A charming and idiosyncratic record of one of the world's greatest and most glamorous events.

A Long Walk (2020)
In 2014, Andrew Lyndon-Skeggs walked solo 1,300 kilometres, south-north across France, from Auch to Dieppe. This fully illustrated book, based on the reports he wrote at the time, nicknamed the Episodes, celebrates this important and very enjoyable walk. A private publication for limited circulation.


The World of Paris Boogie Speakeasy and the Jazz Age in France (November 2013):
A photographic exhibition by Andrew Lyndon-Skeggs at Gallery Metanoia in the Marais district of Paris, from 22nd November 2013, depicting the private Jazz Club Paris Boogie Speakeasy, a reincarnation of the spirit of Les Années Folles. The opening of the exhibition was accompanied by two pianists playing stride, blues and boogie woogie. So popular was the response to this exhibition that it was decided to have two opening nights, two vernissages, to accommodate the 300 people intent on visiting. Noelle Fauriol of the Kelloggs Institute said that this was "the most original vernissage of the Season in Paris, and possibly antwhere." The 60 or so photographs in the exhibition included portraits of the musicians who frequent Paris Boogie Speakeasy, the glamorous women, the artists and the mixologists, all dominated by a larger than life-size portrait of Yves Riquet the founder, owner and host of Paris Boogie Speakeasy. It was commented that Andrew Lyndon-Skeggs has emerged as a photographer with exceptional talent for photographing people and events, often in difficult and unusual circomstances. A video of the exhibition can be seen on You Tube at