Comments from clients, customers and visitors to ANLS Photography

"Andrew has a canny way of looking at his adopted hometown of Paris, combining an insider’s viewpoint with an outsider’s perspective, and hence his photographs provide a balance of the gritty and of the whimsical, portraying both the poetry and reality of the ever-fascinating City of Light." Katrina Lawrence

"Great photos, they almost look like mini oil paintings" Tessa Currie

"Exceptional photos! They gave me the emotion of someone who was there. Apart from that they are also unique. Fire brigade walking in the midst of water jets is an original and I guess difficult shot to take. I like the little details here and there .. guy seated on his bike staring at the fire, that red light illuminating the astonished crowd, and so on. You are a great photographer, with a special eye for unusual perspectives" Cristina Berrettini

"Really, really good! Can I put a link to your website and one of the photos on social media - people need to see these photos they are so good" Olivia Curl

"Thank you so much
for 'Images' I had a lot of fun looking at it on the long car journey back. It is such an insight into so many mysterious worlds!  You must have had fun doing it. I particularly enjoyed the Presidential election and I think that glimpse of Sarkozy through the waving flags is genius! That should go into a competition. I loved the opening shot of 'Manifestation' (again with flags) - but in fact every picture was really interesting and beautifully shot. What a book!" Caroline Foley

C’est magnifiiiiiiiiique !!
Merci Andrew. On est très contents. Que de beaux souvenirs !!" Adeline Galland (Double Fond)

"Andrew, an ex Cambridge graduate, and highly successful businessman, is now an extremely talented photographer, as you will gather from his website. He has a diploma in photojournalism from Spéos, the international photographic institute based in both Paris and London" Richard Dunwoody

"Andrew has everything you could ask for in a photographer and more!" Ben Walnick

"Andrew is an excellent photographer, can blend in, connect with people and approach any photographic opportunity the best way possible. Great character to work with on multiple levels" Jenny Pagoni

"Andrew has taken some impressive and monumental photographs of the gardens of the French châteaux and some sympathetic portraits of head gardeners for Topiarius, the gardening magazine that I work on. While highly professional and committed, he comes across as the classic English gent. It is always a great pleasure to work with him" Caroline Foley

"Je viens de recevoir ton livre et je te remercie beaucoup! Je n'arrete pas de le feuilleter et chaque fois je decouvre de nouvelles choses: la vielle à Longchamps biensûr, mais aussi la Mona Lisa ou le reflet de la Tour Eiffel sont mes preferées, les chavaux aussi et les grosses filles en picnic. Sarkozy travers le drapeau." Otto Wesseley

"Ohhhh merci beaucoup, elles sont très belles. Je ne vais pas hésiter à les utiliser pour ma com. Merci, merci, merci" Marie-Laure Célisse

"Many thanks for your amazing pictures and your patience and perseverance" Help for Heroes 

"Thank you for sending in your images. They are terrific, and they really capture the atmosphere - some are quite spooky! I have uploaded them all and can now see for myself that you really 'got' the idea and captured a superb set of images" Michael Eleftheriades (Nikon Users Club)

"Ouaouuuuuuuuuu! Oh my god! Elles sont magnifiques, les points de vues, les portraits, les expressions, les cadrages, les perspectives! J'avais déjà beaucoup aimé ton travail, mais là, de le voir rencontrer le mien, ton univers me touche encore plus" Marie-Charlotte Dracon (Les Temps d'Arts Collectif)

"I have looked at your wonderful, wonderful photographs. SO MANY congratulations. I particularly like, in no order, the leaping athlete, mobile telephone with Mona Lisa, marathon rubbish, no-face-hat at Chantilly, and the shadows in the Passage Richelieu. All full of humour, wit originality and intelligence. Hurrah!" The Lady Fellowes

"Je vous remercie beaucoup pour toutes ces magnifiques photos. Je vous ai demandé beaucoup de travail, je suis desolée, mais je suis si contente de voir ces belles images" Gabrielle Jeanselme 

"Your photo website is amazing. You're really into this new creative stage of your life. More power to your elbow" Caroline Mackenzie

"Mille mercis pour ces superbes photos! You make me feel like a star!!" Christian Bonnet

"Very impressed by your photographs. Congratulations" Carolinda Tolstoy

"Paris looks wonderful through your lens!" Carolinda Tolstoy

"J'ai regardé votre album photo et j'apprecie beaucoup votre regard sur la vie, le quotidien, votre sensibilité qui ressort dans votre capacité de saisir l'emotion dans les actes de la vie courante. Vous savez en restituer l'atmosphère ambiante (notamment les photos de Venise) et de ce fait, on s'y croirait, cela devient familier. J'aime beaucoup" Laure Poasevara

"Thanks so much for the beautiful photos. I will treasure them. You are so talented: your portraits capture people's inner selves" Anne Higonnet

"J'ai bien reçu le lien qui mène au diaporama du Vital Sport et je vous en remercie. Toutes les photos sont superbes et dès que quelqu'un verra la photo que vous avez prise, je serai fier de vous nommer et de vous recommander pour de futurs évènements" Yvon Brignou (Décathlon)

"I'm in awe. Many, many congratulations!" Caroline Foley

"Spéos décerne à Andrew Lyndon-Skeggs son diplôme de Photographie Professionnelle à Paris le vingt juin deux mille douze" Pierre-Yves Mahé et Laurent Brethès

"Just a quick note to say how much I love your work and your eye for composing a good picture telling a story." Mary Hopkins

"Merci bcp superbe photos, la dernière elle est forte artistique bravo" Smail Osmoz

"Merci Andrew elles sont très jolies" Nicolle Rochelle

"Merci vivement. De très belles photos en effet ..." Yves Riquet